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Any company seeking compliance to quality management standards needs to record their assets and adopt a measurement and calibration system that helps adequately control the production and inspection of products. The Verse Assets, Calibration and Maintenance application is a tool to keep records of all parts and assets and to effectively manage and control calibration assets and calibration schedules and statistical methods that help in collecting and analyzing data pertaining to the measurement process.

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Calibration Management Software that records asset calibration measurements

asset Management Software provides tracking of multple assets

Calibration Management Software provides Links to Corrective Action

How Assets, Calibration and Maintenance Software Works

Verse has created a complete asset management, calibration and maintenance solution that helps you through the process of managing and tracking your assets. By creating configured workflows and audit profiles, you are able to have all the components of your audit management system in one centralized location. The application allows you to create calibration records, notify person(s) responsible for the calibration, and track the record to ensure that it has been completed. Once it has been completed, the application shows actual results of the calibration (pass/fail), performs cost analysis by asset, and issues certificates to show completed calibrations. The calibration process involves the comparison of values taken from an inspection, a measurement, an asset test, or a gage reading against a known standard under specified conditions.

Through this application, you can also perform Repeatability and Reproducibility (R&R) Studies to get statistically analyzed reports. The maintenance part of this application covers the asset used to run the facility and to produce products. It is designed to keep an inventory of your asset, and to schedule and complete maintenance. Asset profiles and their components are used to specify the parameters of the maintenance of each individual piece of asset, as well as who is responsible for performing that maintenance. Maintenance records should be created for each component. Any piece of asset is likely to have one or more component (part).

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