Job Safety Analysis Software System

Know (the risks of) your Job

When managing a safety management program, it is important that you not only understand the different roles and jobs within the organization, but are also managing the overall safety of this job. Creating a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) helps to identify hazards by examining the various job steps within your organization. JSA creates controls and risk mitigation activities as well as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be used for each step. These hazards are then prioritized and controlled to minimize risk of the entire job.

JSA allows users to build out various tasks, measure risk hazards, set PPE controls and residual risks associated with each task. The module provides users an overall risk analysis for the job created. Once implemented, you can build on actions to improve, mitigate and prevent safety-related incidents directly through this module.

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Build job profiles and associate tasks

Calculate Risk and assign PPE for each task

put controls and PPEs and calculate residual risk

How Job Safety Analysis Software Works

Verse's JSA module consists of a form that provides basic information about a job or process, and then enables you to put a series of sub-tasks within each task. JSA allows users to write descriptions down, link any and all controlled documents and categorize information to determine individual steps for each job.

Measuring Risk and Controls by Job Task

As you fill out the individual tasks to this job, you are able to supply details around specific tasks. This can be the description of the task, any potential hazards that are associated with that task, controlled documents that need to be referenced, and any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be used when performing the task. As an added feature, you can conduct a risk assessment on this task using the Verse Risk Assessment tool. Risks become associated with the hazards identified and can be linked directly to the task.

Putting in Controls and Measuring Risks

Lastly, as an additional measure, you can place PPE controls into each task, and measure the residual risk based on the controls you identified. This provides you with a true analysis of the measures, controls and risks associated with that task.

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