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The process of holding meetings is one of the essential requirements that companies should adopt to meet the various quality and EHS Systems and Standards, such as the ISO 9000:2000 and ISO 14001. These meetings should be scheduled at defined intervals to ensure the quality systems continuing suitability and effectiveness in satisfying the requirements of the international standards and the organization’s quality policy and objectives.

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How Meetings Management Software Works

The Verse Meetings Management application helps you in setting and tracking all types of your organization meetings. From the Meeting Management application, you set Meeting profiles to be used when scheduling meetings. Then you can notify invitees of the agenda and generate corrective actions and action items. This system is not only used to effectively schedule meetings but also to save meeting minutes.

A Meeting profile must be created to be used as a template for meeting forms. In the meeting profile, the administrator defines the type of the meeting (e.g. safety issues), start time, end time, location, invitees, and items to be discussed through the meeting.

When a meeting is needed, a meeting form must be created using the related meeting profile. For example, if the meeting is about employee’s safety then the template for this meeting would be Safety Issues. You can create many meeting documents that have common aspects using a specific type of template (i.e. meeting profile) without the need to enter the same information every time a meeting of that type is scheduled.

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