Quality, EHS & GMP Compliance Features

Verse is a comprehensive quality, EHS and compliance management solution. Delivered in your own personal cloud, we are able to offer more features than traditional multi-tenant SaaS solutions. The dedicated environment your Verse solution sits on is unique to you, which means we can put the most features into the solution to enhance your productivity and use of the system.

Some of the key features include:

  • 100% Web-based quality, EHS and compliance management, delivered in the cloud (YOUR cloud!)
  • Ability to configure workflows, forms, fields, keywords to match your business processes
  • Processes for quality, EHS and compliance management: Document Control, Corrective Action, Nonconformances, Incidents, Audits, Employee Training, Complaint Handling, and more
  • Dynamic Reporting and Analytics tool built-in: generate comprehensive reports, report templates, and alerts
  • Intelligent Business rules: Form validation, escalation rules, delegation rules, routing and approval options based on workflow—these are all standard features of the Verse workflow
  • Risk Assessment: Create risk templates, apply risk parameters, and integrate risk into other quality processes to effectively filter and assess risk levels within adverse events
  • Dedicated environment: SaaS solution in a dedicated environment in the cloud; your Verse solution is unique to you and secure in the cloud
  • Access from anywhere in the world: Web-based means you can access the system anytime from anywhere in the world; quality never sleeps!
  • Cost-effective: Verse solutions are available for a low annual cost; create enterprise quality, EHS and GMP compliance management systems with dynamic features and tools, for as low as $3K per year!
  • Electronic Signatures and Records: displays the user name (Signer), ID, Record Phase, Activity and/or Event, and meaning of the signature
  • User name and password is used to verify 21 CFR Part11, Electronic Signature
  • Audit Trail can be enabled for specific phases or fields
  • Configuration Management: Ability to track changes made to configuration settings within the application in the Audit Trail
  • Comprehensive Validation package available: We provide you with extensive documentation and the scripts necessary to validation your Verse solution
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