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Verse is built upon one of the most robust and reliable cloud platforms in the industry, and we take security very seriously. Our solutions provide multiple methods for ensuring your data is secure, safe and backed up. Need more information? Talk to us — we love to chat!

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Verse Data Center

Verse secures your data with a multi-layer security approach ensuring the content is visible only as needed.

Verse recognizes that your data is critical to your business, and need to keep this data secure to maintain a competitive advantage. The Verse Data Center features includes:

  • Leading edge security and operates in a personal, dedicated environment that is only accessed by your personnel
  • Protected data that is accessed through managed firewalls, and uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and HTTPS protocols
  • SOC 1 Type II certified
  • TRUSTe certified
  • Verse administrators continually monitor the security of the system and keep current on industry best practices, updating security as needed

Cloud Certification Compliance

Verse is all about protecting your data and privacy. We ensure that we are not only maintaining the highest level of security, we also certify to it.

Verse is serious about security, privacy, and best-in-class management of customer data.

  • We are certified and audited to the leading security and quality standards in the business
  • Verse is personally certified to EU/US Safe Harbor and is ISO 9001 certified and ISO 27001 certified for the development of software solutions and for the provision of cloud services

Performance & Availability

Verse is built on a robust platform technology that maximizes performance within the Web Browser, and sits on a scalable infrastructure that increases bandwidth and memory based on your individual environment.

  • The Verse solution is built with our proven, flexible compliance platform that has been serving companies for compliance and quality management for almost 20 years. This proven technology (used by some of the largest companies in the world), combined with the power of the Verse Data center gives you the fastest high speed connection all day, every day. Your end users will enjoy immediate results and faster page loads.
  • Verse is available 24/7/365. Put another way, we are there all day, every day with at least a 99.5% uptime.

Monitoring & Administration

Using the Verse solution reduces IT resources and the expensive costs associated with maintaining a collaborative, server-based quality management system.

Most in-house solutions often require a dedicated IT staff to maintain and administer the system. With Verse, all IT operations are managed by us so you don't have to, allowing your company to concentrate on more important objectives, like running your business.

  • Install and Test: Setup and creation of a dedicated cloud instance
  • Environment Validation: Initial validation of the environment with pre-validated IQ and OQ) System/Solution
  • Environment Maintenance: Updates and patches applied by Verse, managing database and application servers, and tracking of bandwidth, storage and memory in the environment
  • Environment Administration: Includes administration and related activities to the environment.
  • Network and Multi-Layer Security Monitoring: Threat detection, firewall monitoring, security updates
  • Infrastructure Control: Verse controls the infrastructure powering the solution, ensuring quicker response times and more infrastructure flexibility

Backups & Recovery

Verse manages the entire backup process from start to finish. Since each Verse customer has their own personal environment, Verse can restore a customer in the least amount of time.

  • Disaster Recovery: We automatically maintain a near real-time replica of your environment using N+N redundancy so that you can recover from the loss of an environment in 4 hours. Regular disaster recovery tests are performed to verify projected recovery times and data integrity.
  • Daily Data Backup: All data are backed up redundantly in multiple geographically segmented and secure online data centers, and undergo regular, systematic data integrity checks. On request, we can replace your current environment with a backup version within 4 hours. Regular backup restore tests are performed to verify projected restore times and data integrity.


Verse operates in a completely scalable environment, enabling the system to expand as much as you need it to.

Unlike traditional deployments, there is no concern for hardware limitations or bandwidth requirements – the system is able to increase memory and bandwidth as needed to maximize your performance.

  • Verse provides a solution that will not only address the needs of all industries, but also provide an agile and flexible deployment method
  • Verse provides a scalable framework that meets or exceeds the needs of the most stringent compliance requirements, while providing a robust cloud-based solution for best practices in Quality and Compliance Management

Global, Secure Access

As with Dropbox, Gmail and other cloud applications that use browsers, Verse is always available 24/7/365 anywhere is the world.

Verse employs a multi-layer security model to ensure the integrity of the system and the records contained in it giving our customers the ability to implement their own security policy.

  • Each module in Verse has its own security allowing you to configure secure access to each workflow, form, view right down to specific fields on a form
  • For added security business rules can be setup to route forms and change security based on the information filled in

Validated Environment

Verse solutions is validated and tested to ensure that your environment in the cloud meets the most stringent regulatory, compliance and security standards.

  • Our technicians are experts in validation - protecting your cloud, so you don't have to.
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