Supplier Management Software System

Manage Suppliers, Materials and Chemicals

Many organizations do not operate in a silo, and often will rely on external stakeholders to help with their operations. Many times, suppliers are a key component of the product lifecycle, and ensuring that you are tracking suppliers is critical to success. When it comes to compliance, you want to make sure that your supplier profiles accurately reflect their materials, chemicals and pertinent information.

Using the supplier, material and chemical profile module, you can record and track all information related to suppliers, the materials within your organization as well as chemicals. Then you can link this data to your processes, tie them to suppliers, and more effectively manage the supply-chain.

Extend your Processes with External Supplier Assignments


Create Supplier Profiles and tie materials to it

Build chemical and material profiles for your suppliers

How Supplier Management Software Works

The Suppliers and Materials module is the central repository where you can record information regarding your suppliers as well as the materials that they provide.

Supplier Profiles: You can setup supplier profiles that contain all information regarding supplier relationships, as well as the link materials that they provide.

Material Profiles: Material profiles can also be set up, which are centralized records that describe the various materials that suppliers are providing. Each material profile allows users to describe the materials used, their composition and any relevant information related to the material.

Link Materials to the Supplier: The Supplier and Material module allows you to link specific materials to supplier profiles. This helps create more visibility into supplier relationships and enhance materials that make up your supply chain.

Leverage Supplier Communication: Through the user of the Verse External Supplier Assignment feature, you can also send supplier corrective actions directly to suppliers, allowing them to engage more directly in a secure environment. Learn More

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