External Supplier Assignment

Connect with Suppliers and Streamline Communication

Many of the challenges around supply-chain risk centers around having a more traceable, visible way of communicating our key processes, and receiving timely response to our processes and relationships with the suppliers. Most notably, the ability to implement a piece of our system that is separated from our internal systems, but is interlinked in such a way that we can send information to suppliers, showing them only the elements they need to see, is becoming a key realization to achieving supply-chain operational excellence.

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Create Specific Supplier Corrective Action workflows

Suppliers only see the information you select for them, and cannot access any other part of the system

How External Supplier Assignments Work

When creating a supplier corrective action, you can select a phase called “Assign to Supplier”. This phase allows you to configure the forms, fields and data elements you want to share with the supplier, only. Once the assignment is ready, the information can be routed to the supplier with the supplier’s e-mail, a due date for completion, and any additional comments. Once completed, the supplier will receive an e-mail notifying them that a pending action is waiting for them in your Verse system.

Once the supplier receives the record they will have access until the form is returned. The display of the form and fields can be configured, so that they will only have access to that singular form, which is protected from the rest of your solution.

The supplier can then fill out the necessary information needed. Once they do and hit submit, the information is automatically routed back to the sender and populates in the SCAR form. The supplier will no longer have access to that form. It’s secure, safe and restricted – but the value to you is immeasurable!

The external assignment for suppliers is part of the Verse Solutions product, and is available for unlimited use. You can send as many SCAR assignments to as many suppliers as you need, with no impact on your licenses, usage of current package.

With Verse External Assignments, users can eliminate gaps in communication by tying suppliers directly into the corrective action process. Linking external supplier assignments to the corrective action process allows users to specifically outline the mandatory details needed to send to specified suppliers.

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