ETQ is excited to introduce our updated product, Reliance 2019!

As of January 29, 2019, our product now serves quality-focused companies from start-ups to the Fortune 1000. One product, one QMS solution that grows with you as you pursue your quality journey. Learn More at ETQ.com.

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Get off Paper (and spreadsheets!).
Get more Connected to Your QMS Processes

Relying on spreadsheets and emails turns even a simple task into a time-consuming and confusing event. Learn how Verse Solutions' user-friendly, automated Quality Management System (QMS) gave this company the opportunity to work more collaboratively and efficiently.

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Verse Solutions is powered by EtQ, the leading provider of compliance platform technologies for quality, compliance and EHS&S management. With 25 years of experience, EtQ’s platform has connected more organizations to compliance through integration, automation and collaboration.

Verse Solutions provides visibility and control into your business processes. Using a cloud-based infrastructure, Verse Solutions enables rapid implementation and provides a configurable solution that is low-cost, and rich in features to help you achieve your objectives. Backed by the EtQ platform, Verse Solutions provides you with a logical choice in your compliance journey. Learn more.


Our pricing is straightforward and all-inclusive. We give you a full suite of modules, support, training and professional setup for one low price.
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Regardless of the size of your business, your compliance system should be unique to you and fully configurable to match your business processes.
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Personal Cloud

You have your own cloud environment, with your own database hosted in a secure cloud environment that is TRUSTe, Privacy Shield, and SOC Type II certified.
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Total Quality Management System

Document Control

Enables quality & compliance management by integrating with your systems via the cloud.

Employee Training

Set up training activities and manage your entire team's training process simply and efficiently.

Corrective Action

Inherit data from an adverse event and escalate the process for correcting these events.

Audit Management

Effectively control and track compliance audits through a robust audit management software system.

Risk Register

Integrate risk into other compliance processes to effectively filter and assess risk levels.

Centralized Reporting

Create report templates, generate scheduled or ad-hoc reports with drill down capabilities.

A QMS Solution Built for You

Keeping up with the pace of business and maintaining quality and compliance is a challenge for any industry. Whether it is the market demand, global scope of the market, regulatory pressure, or simply beating the competition, there is more pressure than ever to move fast, while maintaining product quality. Companies are looking for ways to have better visibility into their quality, EHS and compliance operations, manage and track critical processes, and foster organizational change as a result. All this, while maintaining their commitment to customer demand, and keeping up with the competition. This is not an easy task for any business. Many turn to total quality management software solutions to help them streamline their processes and automate their compliance operation.

Verse is designed to enable businesses to build total quality, EHS and compliance management software solutions that help to provide visibility into compliance events, track and trace the history of those events to their completion, and foster continuous improvement. This is all achieved through our configurable workflow, which enables you to match your business processes exactly, without programming. Using Verse, you are able to configure the workflows, design forms, fields, keywords and more as part of our drag and drop administration tools. This makes the solution extremely agile and able to meet your unique business needs. No cookie cutter forms here, it’s as simple as point, click and comply.

Verse is also designed with the total compliance picture in mind. We have several key processes that help companies like yours achieve total quality management. Document Control, Complaint Handling, Nonconformances, Incidents, Corrective Action, Audit Management, Employee Training and more are preloaded with best practices to enable you to configure and match them to your company’s unique processes.