We're Passionate about Quality Management.

We believe that Quality, EHS and Compliance should be accessible to everyone. It's what drives us to create solutions that are flexible, affordable and most of all, meets your unique business needs.

Verse is about versatility. We were founded on the notion that Quality Management Software needs to be accessible to everyone, and developed a software solution that is not only as dynamic as traditional systems, but is also flexible and cost-effective.

Verse was founded by software engineers on the belief that business application functionality should be in the hands of the business user. This is why the Verse system is configurable to match unique business requirements. Verse was developed to enable organizations to gain quality and compliance tools in a cost-effective manner. Verse has all the key quality processes needed to automate common business needs, such as Document Control, Corrective Action, Audits, Complaint Handling, Incidents, Nonconformances, and Training in a dedicated cloud environment—providing you with an enterprise Quality and Compliance Management System in your own personal cloud.

Verse is about driving compliance solutions for all.

What Verse Means to You


Get things done, YOUR way. Your business processes, your design choices, your say. With Verse, it’s all about you.


Some companies weren't meant to be tied down. With Verse you pay a small monthly fee, allowing you to essentially rent the software for as long (or as little) as your company desires.

IT's Best Friend

Software deployments tend to be IT-intensive, which can be extremely draining. We manage these tasks for you, lessening the burden for IT, so they can focus on more important things.

We make quality and compliance management processes easy to manage and track and accessible to all companies, regardless of size or scope, providing all of the functionality of enterprise software in an affordable package. Verse means versatility, quality management for all.

Verse Solutions is part of the EtQ family of products. EtQ has always recognized the need for developing solutions for every market segment around its compliance platform technology. That vision started with the enterprise solution, EtQ Reliance™ which continues to lead the market for global enterprises. This vision has been continued with Verse Solutions—designed for mid-sized companies.

This means that regardless of size, scope, or investment, EtQ truly has a solution for businesses of all sizes.

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