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Manage your organization's changes for better implementation

Changes to products or procedures are essential part of every overall product development process. In many environments such as high tech engineering, for example, initial product designs are often continuously evolving prototypes, so changes may occur frequently. Other changes may occur within environments facing technological advances, changes in consumer demand, and fluctuations in the availability of components and raw materials. Therefore, dealing with these changes and, more importantly, the impact of change is a high priority for all organizations.

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Change Management Software provides decision tree technology to determine level of the change

Assign action plans for management of change

Categorize and plan your change management plan

How Change Management Software Works

Verse Change Management is a structured approach that insures the smooth and thorough implementation of changes, so that the lasting benefits of the change are achieved. As a result, these changes require an acute analysis that shows all potentially affected processes and products within an organization, attending to the wider aspects of the changes. Now you can manage changes more efficiently through the Verse Change Management software, an effective Change Management application designed to manage all aspects of the Change Management process from the beginning until the end.

This web-enabled workflow application is completely customizable, helping you to reduce cycle time and costs and easily manage changes. You can even run changes in parallel, getting them done faster.

Regardless of the Change type, e.g. Supplier, Process, Specification, etc., the Application Manager decides how the process will work according to the company’s needs and requirements, including the different steps performed for each change. Overall, using the Change Management software translates into cost reduction, faster cycle times and improved productivity with just a few clicks.

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