Cloud Based Document Management System

Identify, control & track all of your documented processes

Verse’s Cloud based document management system lets you create document records, assign keywords to records, attach files of any size/type, and create any number of workflows to route the document through the review and approval phases of the workflow. It also features a comprehensive change request workflow, to ensure that changes to documents follow proper change procedures. Document Management can be directly linked to the Verse Employee Training application, allowing release documents to be added to training records, automatically.

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Document Control Software provides workflows for any document type

Document Control Software tracks the process throughout

Document Control Software links to Employee Training Software

Cloud Document Control Software

Having the traceability of your processes and controlling your records is critical not only to internal compliance, but also for regulatory compliance. Part of being compliant to standards like ISO 9000 or the FDA’s GMP requires good document control practices; Verse Solutions cloud-based document management system helps to provide the traceability needed to comply with these standards and initiatives. Using intelligent business rules-based workflow, you can configure the phases, forms, fields and keywords for Document Control records. This gives you a unique ability to make the Document Control Management system match your business processes, without programming.

Control any record type

Verse lets you build processes for an unlimited number of record types. Procedures, specifications, work instruction or others can each have their own unique workflow and routing options.

Designed to keep work on track

Through escalation, notifications and business rules, you can ensure that every process is completed on time, and you have complete visibility into where documents are in the approval process.

Link to employee training

Documents within Verse can be automatically linked to training activities — any time a record is approved, employees training records are updated. They can then take automated tests, verify their training and update their records.

How Cloud Document Control Software Works

The Verse Document Management system application enables you to track all your documented processes, jobs, specifications – whatever you need to control. Everything is interlinked, so related documents are linked to each other, and everything can be linked to the Verse training application.

Here are a few key highlights of having a Cloud-Based Document Management System:

Creating New Documents in Verse
  • Store all your documents in a central location
  • A different workflow for each document type – Work Instructions, Procedures, Job Descriptions, Specifications, and so forth – each with their own unique routing
  • Import existing documents and attach them to a record
  • Link related documents to each other, with relationships
  • Integrated with Microsoft Office – Bring data from the form directly into the Word or Excel file, and vice versa
  • Automatic document numbering based on your needs – sequential numbering, lettering, etc.
Routing, Review and Approval of Documents
  • Configurable Workflow lets you dictate how, when and to whom the documents go
  • Easy-to-read display of the document’s status
  • Assign documents to a person, a group, or both
  • Parallel, Sequential or consensus approval business rules you can set up – approve it however you’d like
  • Conditional routing options for more complex processes
  • Automatically send reminder emails for due or overdue assignments to users...and their managers
  • Release and Distribute Documents
  • Electronic distribution lists of approved documents
  • Record and display all electronic signatures of the document approval process
  • Convert Document to PDF upon approval
  • Full text searching and reporting on all documents and the content within the documents
Training from Document Control
  • Link Training activities directly from the Document Control application
  • Automatically update Training records and requirements when a new revision is created
  • Build in training tests directly into Document Control record, and update training
  • Report on the status of training within documents, groups or requirements
Perform Reviews and Change Control
  • Automate the periodic review of documents
  • Dedicated Change Request workflow ensures changes follow a specific process you define
  • Request changes to multiple related documents in one single workflow
  • Automatically archive older revisions
  • Ability to restore archived revisions

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