Compliance Management Software

What is compliance? It’s a typically broad term, and many companies have a different definition. In the purest sense, Compliance means you are adhering to guidelines that have been set forth either within your company or by a standard. It’s the concept of "do what you’re supposed to do." At Verse, we believe that our compliance management software solution should accomplish that – help you "do what you’re supposed to do".

In today’s dynamic and ever-evolving markets, companies are looking to keep up with the pace of business, while maintaining a high degree of compliance management. This is no easy task – often compliance tends to suffer the faster you move in your organization. Companies need a way to stay on top of their compliance needs while still keeping pace with customer demand and the competition. Verse is designed with this in mind. With Verse, you are able to streamline compliance processes, manage and track any adverse compliance events, and take necessary actions to improve and foster change quickly and efficiently. Verse is a complete compliance software solution that is web based, and hosted in the cloud. This means that there are no challenges associated with infrastructure or upkeep – we do all the heavy lifting for you.

Learn some of the features of an effective GMP compliance system as well as the best practices that should be built into the system to ensure an effective process.

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Compliance Software Solution

Verse has been designed as a cloud based compliance management software solution that fosters better collaboration in Quality, EHS and GMP compliance processes. With configurable workflow, forms and fields, you can create processes that match your compliance operation, without any programming. Verse’s Compliance Management Software is cloud-based and can be deployed anywhere users have access, without the need for heavy client interfaces or hardware requirements. For many regulated companies, having the ability to reporting on key regulatory events, be inspection-ready for FDA and other agencies, and creating a culture of compliance is paramount to success. Verse is about versatility; and in this case, providing cloud based compliance software solution to help make your regulatory efforts seamless and efficient.

In regulated industries, the ability to maintain both internal and external compliance is an important component for organizations. Regulatory compliance to FDA and ISO standards is key. For Life Sciences, having a solution that is able to provide visibility and control to these standards helps with regulatory reporting, which is critical to maintaining compliance.

Verse Solutions' Compliance Management Tools

Audit Management Software

Conducting audits is an important part of continuous improvement, and Verse has developed a compliance management tool that is not only configurable to your processes, but is also easy to manage and track. Verse Audit Management software allows you to create audit plans, with multiple audits throughout the year. You can set up profiles for each audit, with integrated checklists and question data based on keywords from your audit. Questions, checklists and scoring methods are all configurable within the system, and you can generate a comprehensive audit report for all audits within the system. Audits, as with any other Verse application, can be integrated to other processes, such as Verse Corrective Actions, in order to launch a corrective action directly from your audit findings. Track Your Compliance Audits

Complaint Handling Software

Verse Complaint Handling software manages the investigation and resolution of customer complaints while ensuring compliance with FDA guidelines. It records all complaints reported by customers to initiate an investigation, and keeps a record of customer and product data. Available in the Verse Life Science Package Only Investigate Customer Complaints

Corrective Action (CAPA) Software

Corrective Action is a critical component to resolving adverse events. Verse Corrective Action features the ability to run multiple types of corrective action workflows, each with its own unique process. Conduct investigations, root cause analysis, correct systemic events, and verify actions are truly corrective to the process. Verse also features built-in risk management tools to apply risk levels to corrective actions; you can prioritize your corrective action by their risk. Resolve Compliance Events

Document Control Software

Verse Document Control lets you create document records, assign keywords to records, attach files of any size/type, and create any number of workflows to route the document through the review and approval phases of the workflow. It also features a comprehensive change request workflow, to ensure that changes to documents follow proper change procedures. Document Control can be directly linked to the Verse Training application, allowing release documents to be added to training records, automatically. Track Your Document Records

Employee Training Software

Verse Employee Training lets you manage and track training events, link documents to training requirements, and enable your employees to take training tests on new events. This dynamic application provides you with the ability to configure the requirements, import your employees into groups, and create comprehensive training plans for each training event. Verse Employee Training also incorporates testing; you can create tests based on training events and conduct online testing with configurable pass/fail rules. Manage Your Training Activities

Nonconformance Software

With Verse Nonconformance Management software, you can manage all steps in the nonconformance process. Users can generate corrective actions and other workflows that link right to the original nonconformance. Easily and efficiently manage all steps in the nonconformance process. Identify & Monitor Material Defects

Incident Management Software

Verse Incidents software ensures that all incidents that occur within the company are recorded and investigated, and that the necessary actions are in place to prevent or reduce the chance of recurrence. Using this module, you can set up records of incidents and collect all of the information needed to conduct investigations. Record & Investigate Your Incidents