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Part of having a successful operation and maintaining quality, safety and compliance within your organization is ensuring that your employees are properly trained and knowledgeable. Failure to do so can result in operator errors, missed work instructions or poorly performed processes. To streamline and automate the process, companies will often implement an employee training tracking software solution. This helps to not only track the current status of the employee training, but also enables you to ensure that new documents are trained on in a timely fashion.

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Employee training management software essentially builds out a training plan for each employee or employee group, and assigns requirements for each group or employee. So, when a new document or process is implemented or an existing process is updated, the employee tracking software pulls in this information and updates the record. The employees are notified of a new process or changed process, and then can instantly train on that record. That way, once a new process is changed or created there is no lag time on the training of that process. This streamlines the ability to stay current and knowledgeable and helps to ensure quality and safety are kept to acceptable levels at all times.

Manage and track employee training events

Verse Employee Training management software application lets you manage and track training events, link documents to training requirements, import your employees into groups, and create comprehensive training plans for each training event.

Link document control to training records

Training events can be linked to document control, enabling you to automatically update training records once a record is approved. Verse Training management also incorporates testing; you can create tests based on training events and conduct online testing with configurable pass/fail rules.

Generate training reports

Gain further visibility into your training program through Verse cloud-based reporting tools, and build comprehensive reports on training status. You can build in notifications on late assignments, and get visibility into the health of your employee training program through Verse.

How Employee Training Software Works

Using the Verse Employee Training software application enables you to set up training activities and manage your entire team’s training on documents, procedures and the overall Quality, EHS or GMP Compliance Management System. Not only can you set up your team for training, you can create automatic tests and update their training records simply and efficiently. Here are some key highlights in Verse’s Employee Training management application:

Creating Employee Profiles
  • Employee profiles contain all relevant employee information (name, employment, roles, etc.)
  • Employee profiles can support multiple job positions
  • Group your employees by a job position, or a user-defined group
  • Deactivate employee profiles, but maintain their training history
  • Create cross-functional training and job position histories
Defining Training Requirements
  • Create training requirement groups based on a job position or the user-defined groups
  • Automatically load and synchronize training requirements from the Verse Document Control application
  • Identify which training requirements are prerequisites
  • Automatically corrects and duplicate requirements that are shared by various job positions
Define Course Profiles
  • Create any number of course profiles for repeat training activities
  • Load course-specific requirements and add any training materials to the profile
  • Automatically notify invitees when a new course is either scheduled or cancelled
  • Define pass/fail criteria for courses
  • Define when the course will expire and notify users of expiring courses
  • Handles both ad-hoc and On-The-Job Training
  • Grandfather training requirements to existing employees
  • Schedule and Complete Training
  • Identify the employees needing training by requirement, group or course
  • Identify the qualified trainers based on the course requirements
  • Automatically schedule training events identifying those people who need the training
  • Allow employees to perform course evaluations
Reporting on Training
  • Complete Training reports available on completed courses, training status and more
  • Show expired training by groups or individuals
  • Look for which courses are still required for completion
  • Hundreds of report possibilities to analyze and trend training

The goal of the Verse Employee Training Tracking Software solution is to help create greater visibility into your employee competency. Having a knowledgeable and competent work force means that you are operating more efficiently, reduce the likelihood of errors, and foster a culture of compliance. Employee training tracking software applications like Verse provide a centralized, cloud-based platform to employees to record training, for managers to track training status, and for easier reporting on training events.

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