Quality Management Software for Food & Beverage

With over a dozen integrated modules, Verse Solutions helps to provide a seamless link from one process to the next, ensuring that food safety compliance is traceable, visible and controlled.

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Quality and Safety Software for Food & Beverage Companies

There is an increasing level of visibility into food safety management. With recent product recalls, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), and a need to meet HACCP, HARPC and GFSI requirements, compliance is key to success. Consumers are more attuned to food safety and any misstep can have an impact on brand choices, affecting the company adversely.

Coupled with this is the growing complexity in the supply chain and globalization which is driving companies towards automation of their quality management system (QMS). Verse Solutions for the food and beverage industry is specifically designed to automate processes to ensure food safety compliance. Document Control, Corrective Action, HACCP, Nonconformances, Audit Management, Employee Training, and Risk Management are tightly connected for a closed-loop QMS software solution.

Flexible Platform for FSMA Compliance

Complying with HACCP programs, ISO frameworks as well as FSMA and GFSI is a critical component of meeting industry requirements towards food safety and quality operations. Verse enables you to meet these requirements and adapt to your unique processes through a flexible business-rules workflow platform. Verse recognizes that your software should reflect your company. With Verse’s robust platform, you get the flexibility you need to be productive.

Drag and drop fields, move the workflow around—make it yours. This drag and drop platform allows you to configure the workflow, forms, fields and keywords to meet food safety and quality regulations. Mitigate risks with HACCP Software

Farm to Fork Traceability

As part of both a regulatory and consumer need for compliance, organizations are looking for QMS solutions that provide them with the traceability they need to ensure that they have control over every aspect of the process. Verse provides a host of modules to link food safety throughout the various processed, and provide advance reporting to help companies trace events down the food chain.

Through integrated modules, organizations can link adverse events to corrective action and change management. This level of visibility helps to make companies “audit-ready”—meaning they have all the tools they need to address any concerns when inspected by the FDA or other regulatory body.

Plan and take action

Part of any quality management system is ensuring that you are following your processes. Through comprehensive Document Control, you can ensure that you are controlling documentation, prerequisite programs, and specifications. You can also build out a comprehensive HACCP plan, mapping out your process and linking risks to hazards, implementing controls and critical control points. The other part is taking action when needed.

Verse's comprehensive Corrective Action helps to ensure that you are effectively correcting any adverse events. Then you can close the loop by regularly auditing your HACCP program, to ensure you are keeping up with compliance. Initiate a CAPA for recalls

“Client Service and Support from Verse is fabulous. The solution is cost effective as well. Verse Solutions offers a reasonable price so small to medium sized companies can afford to pursue this system.”

Sum Yin Tang

Food Safety and Regulatory Supervisor, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods

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Make Better Decisions with the Data

Lastly, the goal of QMS Systems is to not only control the process and be compliant with regulatory and internal requirements, but to also have a level of visibility to make improvements. Verse comes complete with a robust reporting tool that allows you to search and filter on the data, build engaging reports, and display colorful charts and dashboards to determine the health of your quality system.

Your Quality Management System should meet your food & beverage industry requirements while helping you make sense of the data. Verse’s full reporting engine comes loaded with charts, alerts, reports and dashboards to provide insight into your food safety efforts and help you analyze and improve on food safety within your company. Report and analyze quality concerns

food safety management system

Cloud-Based Security

food safety management software

It’s your very own piece of the cloud for food safety compliance. Verse uses a robust cloud security model that is certified to TRUSTe, Privacy Shield and SOC Type II, and Verse is certified to ISO 9000 and 27001.

You will have access to your information at any time—no matter where you are in the world. Your data is secure, information is protected and always recoverable.

secure food safety software

Since Verse is built upon one of the most robust and secure cloud platforms in the industry, you can rest assured that your solution is safe, secure and reliable.

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