Incidents Software - Track, Report & Manage Safety Incidents

Track EHS related safety events and take action

Verse Incidents software ensures that all incidents that occur within the company are recorded and investigated, and that the necessary actions are in place to prevent or reduce the chance of recurrence. Using this module, you can set up records of incidents and collect all of the information needed to conduct investigations.

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For companies looking to automate their EHS processes, ensuring safety incidents are recorded is a major component to achieving compliance. Incident management requires a solution that provides optimal data collection, complete visibility into safety events, and the ability to escalate adverse safety events and take action. Verse Incident management is designed to provide a centralized solution to record incident information, aggregate safety data, and launch actions based on the type of incident.

Using the Incident Management Software module, you can create any number incidents, route the investigation using intelligent workflow, and tie Verse Risk Assessment tool to the incident record. From there, you can determine any specific actions that need to be taken, or directly integrate Corrective and Preventive Actions to the incident record, creating a seamless link from Incident to Corrective Action.

Configure multiple incident types

No matter what type of incident you are tracking, Verse lets you configure unique incident forms, each with their own workflow, routing and assignment role.

Intelligent routing to ensure efficiency

Built with intelligent workflow, the Verse Incident Management software process is design to keep work on track and escalates notifications based on due dates, assignments and actions.

Launch actions and reports

From the Incident management software application, you can assess the risk of the incident, launch corrective actions or generate regulatory safety reports, directly from the incident record.

How it Works

The Verse Incident management software module is built to handle multiple safety events, whether safety, environmental or any type you configure. Each form is designed to record information about the incident, the details surrounding the incident, or any witness statements or relevant supplemental records. Each incident record is built with workflow that lets you route to investigation and resolution, complete with escalation notifications and business rules that guide the record through the process. From the incident record, you can launch Corrective Actions, sub-activities, or Continuous improvement processes, and inherit the data from the incident record.

  • Create incident records or any type (Safety, Environmental, Near-miss, etc.)
  • Integrated Risk Management within the process guides decision making
  • Minimizes the amount of corrective actions through an advanced filtering module
  • Generate regulatory reports on safety events
  • Configure all aspects of the form, without programming
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