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Reduce cost of quality through nonconformance tracking

In compliance management, the role of managing and tracking nonconformances is a critical step to ensuring product defects are flagged and handled properly. Whenever there is a product that does not match the specification, then it is flagged as a nonconforming material. This means that you either need to issue a deviation from that specification, or you must take action to determine the nature of the defect or nonconformance, and seek to resolve it.


Nonconformance Software manages records of all types

Nonconformance Software integrates with Supplier Corrective Action

nonconformance management

The Verse non-conformance management software module is designed to do just that. It helps you identify any materials that do not conform to the specification, identify the areas which caused the nonconformance, and then take action to properly disposition the material. The Nonconformance process is closely tied to the Corrective Action process. In some cases, the nature of the defect is minor and can be allowed through with a planned deviation, but in other cases, the defect represents a material nonconformance that needs to be investigated. Furthermore, you are able to link specific non-conformances to other events. This can be a planned deviation, a supplier corrective action, or immediate actions to ensure you are collecting the most data to make more informed decisions. Lastly, you can use the Verse Risk Assessment tool to link risks to the non-conformance and build a history of risk on a particular product, supplier or production line.

Identify defects and take action

Record and track any nonconforming materials, identify costs and pertinent information about the defect. Each form is designed to collect as much information about the product, suppliers, customers and more.

Streamline the process through workflow

Through the Verse workflow-based processes, you can set due dates, escalations and notifications to ensure that materials are managed quickly, and time isn't lost during the process.

Link to other processes

Link deviations to any nonconformance records, open up action items to handle sub-activities, or launch corrective actions, directly from the nonformance forms.

How Non-conformance Software Works

Verse Non-conformance management is designed to manage and track any nonconforming materials within your system. It allows you to identify defects from production, record the relevant information about any materials that do not conform to the specification, and create or add deviations to the nonconformance. For events that are critical, you can not only record information on cost, customer, supplier and product information, but you can also determine the disposition type needed. Any nonconformance that is critical can also be linked to a Corrective Action and investigated. Non-conformance management in Verse means that you have complete visibility into compliance to specifications, and seek to reduce the overall cost of compliance.

nonconformance software
Verse nonconformance software solution

The Verse Non-conformance software solution is closely linked to the Corrective Action module in that you can easily launch a corrective action directly from the nonconformance management software module. From the module, you can identify the product, supplier or material information on the nonconformance, then determine the nature of the defect and whether a deviation needs to be applied. If you need to issue a corrective action, you can simply launch one directly from the form and inherit all the information related to the nonconformance.

Once a corrective action is launch and a plan is put in place, you can link this information back to the form within the Verse Non-conformance Software module, and determine a disposition type—scrap, rework, rebuild or other actions. You can also close the loop on your nonconformances by initiating change management processes to improve design, change processes or realign production to ensure there is no recurrence of the nonconformance.

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