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Verse has developed a cloud-based quality management software solution that helps to automate the processes surrounding the Quality Management System, foster better record-keeping, enhance the ability to collaborate on quality and help to uncover opportunities for continuous improvement.

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Quality Management Software Systems

The quality management software dynamic is evolving. With standards such as ISO 9001:2015, the quality mindset is shifting from a single point of focus to a more companywide involvement. This is driving more visibility from multiple areas within the business. The more groups that are involved in the business of quality, the more complex the challenges for effective collaboration becomes.

This is where solutions like quality management software become more relevant.

Built from the Quality Manager's Perspective

The Verse quality management software solution was built with best practices in mind. We set out to make sure that the needs of the quality operation were met first, with all the best practice processes built on a flexible workflow platform. With over a dozen integrated modules such as Document Control, Nonconformance Management, Audits, Employee Training, Corrective Action and others, Verse's solution for quality management provides a seamless link from one process to the next.

Our integrated modules inherit data from one process to the next, so you are always on top of the “story of quality.” This make it a huge benefit for the Quality Manager, who is looking to create visibility and control in their processes. They need to know where quality is during the entire lifecycle, view the progress and eliminate any risks for poor quality. Verse is designed for this, so all Quality Managers are able to breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Make your process your own

Part of the challenge with software solutions is not having the ability to have the software adapt to your unique business processes. With Verse, you can easily change workflows, forms, sections, fields and keywords using a drag and drop interface, making it easy to map your processes to the software. The goal is to make the software work for your business—not force your business to adapt to a rigid software framework.

Verse is configurable by you—drag and drop fields, move the workflow around—make it your own. The Verse total quality management solution has a robust platform that provides you with the flexibility you need to be productive.

Work together to keep work on track

The Verse Quality Management Software System is built with collaboration in mind. Part of the evolution of quality management is involving more areas of the business. With Verse, you can route documents in an intelligent workflow to ensure work is kept on track. The workflow is designed to automatically route and notify assigned users of due dates, assignments, and reminders help to ensure work is completed on time.

With Verse, nothing is missed, and everyone is involved in quality. Verse helps you stay on top of your tasks. With automatic routing and email notification, you can easily manage the process—nothing is left to chance. You control where and to whom the process flows.

“After researching different quality management solutions, DiscGenics chose Verse because it encompassed more out-of-the-box solutions and was more affordable compared to other vendors.”

Randy Domingo

Head of Quality, DiscGenics

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Focus on productivity, not complexity

Verse is laid out in a simple, easy to use interface. Users are immediately productive—if you can use a Web browser, you can use Verse! This simplicity helps end users to focus on their business objectives, and with comprehensive help tools, you can always find what you need to succeed.

Organizations that use Verse Quality Management System often cite a 25% increase in their productivity—value that is immeasurable when you are trying to improve quality.

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Gain visibility into your data

One of the key areas for many organizations isn’t solely focused on the solution itself, but leveraging the data to make better decisions. With this in mind, the Verse Quality Management System is built with robust searching and reporting tools that help you make sense of your data, filter and categorize quality management events, and chart and report on them to product colorful, engaging analysis.

Verse lets you manage reports, create alerts and build out detailed charts and graphs. This helps to not only gain visibility into the data, but also provides you with a platform for continuous improvement. Report on vital QMS activities

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Secure, Cloud-Based Solution

Think about it—your very own personal piece of the cloud for quality management. Verse is hosted in a secure cloud environment that is TRUSTe, Privacy Shield and SOC Type II certified, and Verse is certified to ISO 9000 and 27001.

From enhanced security to redundancy to disaster recovery and backup, Verse is the most secure solution for cloud-based compliance.

Never lose your data, and have the information from anywhere in the world, any time. Verse is built upon one of the most robust and secure cloud platforms in the industry, making your quality management solution safe, secure and reliable.

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