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Creating visibility into Quality, EHS and GMP compliance management systems is critical to fostering change within your organization. Oftentimes collecting the data and organizing it into reports is difficult; Verse takes the guesswork out of the process with its Reporting and Analytics tools. Create Report templates, generate scheduled or ad-hoc reports with drill down capabilities. Reports in Verse can be created in minutes, giving you business intelligence at your fingertips.

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How it Works

Verse literally has hundreds of reports and charting options to give you the opportunity to analyze and review the data within Compliance Management. Reports come as templates or as ad-hoc reports, so you can schedule reports, or just run them on the fly. The benefit is that the data is available right when you need it, in real-time. Here are just some of the highlights of the Verse Reporting and Analytics application:

  • Fully configurable report templates – define your data and report on it
  • Report on any field within the system
  • Report on multiple record types
  • Drill-down Reporting: Start at a high level, and then click on the chart to drill down to more granular data, right down to individual records
  • Report using parent-child relationships
  • Save your reports in any format you like (RTF, JPG, PDF, Excel, etc.)
  • Save charts as attachments to a record
  • Save your charts locally
  • Drag and Drop columns into the report view to create your own crazy report types
  • Conduct Trend Analysis and distribution of statistical reports
  • So many Chart Types!
    • Bar Charts
    • Column Charts
    • Pie Charts
    • Scatter Plots
    • Pareto Charts
    • Radar Charts
    • Gauges and Levels
  • Compliance Alerts Exception Reporting – generate reports based on conditions you set and get notified when those conditions occur
  • Schedule reports to run automatically (monthly, weekly, daily), or go ad-hoc and create on the fly
  • Reports are pulling from real-time data – everything is up to date in Verse

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