Infrastructure, Security & Reliability

Verse is built upon one of the most robust and reliable cloud platforms in the industry, and we take security very seriously. Our solutions provide multiple methods for ensuring your data is secure, safe and backed up. Need more information? Talk to us — we love to chat!

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Verse Hosted Solution

Verse Solutions, AWS Cloud infrastructure is built around regions and availability zones. The availability zones offer users the ability to operate within production applications and databases that are easily accessible and highly available. They are fault tolerant and more scalable than a single data center.

Verse Solutions recognizes that your data is critical to your business. Therefore, Verse respects the need to keep data secure and helps to maintain a competitive advantage. Verse offers,

  • Leading edge security that operates in a personal environment that is only accessed by your personnel
  • Protected data that is accessed through managed firewalls, uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and HTTPS protocols
  • SOC 1 Type II certified
  • TRUSTe certified

Security Assurance

Verse Solutions, AWS has developed a security assurance program using global privacy and data protection best practices in order to help customers establish, operate and leverage our security control environment.

Performance & Availability

Verse is built on a robust platform technology that maximizes performance within the Web Browser, and sits on AWS infrastructure.

Verse Solutions is built with our proven, flexible compliance platform that has been serving companies in compliance and quality management for 25 years. This proven technology used by some of the largest companies in the world, combined with the power of AWS ensures the fastest high-speed connection all day, every day. Your end users will enjoy immediate results and faster page loads 24/7/365. Verse is available all day, every day with a yearly up-time of 99.5%.

Monitoring & Administration

Verse Solutions reduces IT resources and administrative overhead as well as expensive costs associated with each. With Verse Solutions, all IT operations are managed by Verse which allows your company to concentrate on more intense objectives, like running your business with more resources!

Verse administrators continuously monitor the security of your system and keep up with current industry best practices, updating security as needed. Verse takes control of:

Backups & Recovery

Verse Solutions manages the entire backup process from start to finish. Since each Verse customer has their own personal environment, Verse can restore a customer in the least amount of time.

Regular backup restore tests are available to be performed by the Verse team. This verifies restoration times and helps maintains data integrity. Upon request, the most current Verse environment can be replaced with a backup version with advanced restore options that may be appropriate for further testing. This ensures that all of the necessary tools are available in the event a previous configuration must be referenced.

Global, Secure Access

As with Dropbox, Gmail and other cloud applications that use browsers, Verse Solutions offers global and secure access that is always available.

Each module in Verse has its own security allowing you to configure secure access to each workflow, form and view right down to specific fields on a form

For added security, business rules can be setup to route forms and change security based on the information filled in.

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